Aladdin's Take Away
By Judith Prior

Set in the roaring twenties, Rose, a girl from a local nightclub, has come to work at Aladdin and his sister (or Mother) Suzie Wong's Chinese Take Away Shop. Rose's boyfriend Mac and his two gangster henchmen try to persuade Rose to return to the club; Mac thinks Rose has stolen some jewellery from his safe. Rose refuses so Mac has his boys kidnap her. Their attempt to do so goes wrong and they kidnap Aladdin. Suzie buys an old lamp from the local flea market and she and Rose enlist the help of a very effeminate and ineffective Genie to try to help free Aladdin.

The Genie's attempts to save the day further complicate things when he accidentally conjures up a Pirate King. Meanwhile Louie and Solly's girlfriends, Pearl and Lulu decide to tell Mac, that Louie and Sol really stole the jewels and the boys have to leave town fast. They just happen to stow away on the Pirate King's galleon. Suzie gets some friends of hers from the twelfth street mission to look after the shop and everybody else sets sail for China.

High jinx erupt on the high seas, including sing-a-longs audience participation and general hilarity as the play reaches it's highly improbable conclusion when, of course . . . everybody lives happily ever after.



Fifteen principals, plus a chorus.

R U N N I N G  T I M E

Approx. 2 hours

$17.50 AUD Plus $2.00 Postage

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