by Judith Prior

Set in Australia, in a small country town. Jack and his widowed mother, Dame Sadie Dreadlocks, are very poor. The entire neighbourhood have been severely affected by the closing down of the local factory, where Dame Dreadlocks has lost her job as a cleaner.
The Bank Manager and owner of the factory, Mr Heinz, is threatening to sell Dame Dreadlocks' house because the mortgage payments are overdue. Jack sets out to sell the cow, Butter Milk to get some money to buy food and help pay the debt.

On the way to the market Jack meets a band of Gypsies (Led by Roma) who tricks him into selling the cow for a handful of fake "Magic Beans". Unbeknown to Jack, and the gypsies; the beans really are magic. Winnie the Witch and her two henchpersons, Seedy and Lentil have misplaced them.

The henchpersons mistakenly believe that Butter Milk has eaten the magic beans and they try to kidnap here from the gypsies. Jack and his friends Maggie, Freddie, Lucy and others including a forlorn, failed fairy (Fairy Fumble Fingers), join Dame Dreadlocks to try and rescue Butter Milk. Their adventures along the way include all the slapstick hilarity of a traditional pantomime, much audience participation, music and mayhem... Goodness and honesty eventually triumph and Butter Milk, Jack and Dame Dreadlocks are reunited. The magic beans sprout and Mr Heinz decides to reopen the factory as...... a baked bean cannery... What else!


12 principals and a pantomime cow

R U N N I N G  T I M E

Approx. 1 hour 30mins.

$17.50 AUD Plus $2.00 Postage

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