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Cinderella meets the Mother-in-law.

(Happily Ever After?)

Prince Charming and Cinderella arrive back at the palace after their Fairy-tale Wedding. Cinderella is shocked to learn that the search for the missing glass slipper was instigated by Prince Charming’s mother, Queen Imelda, who has a shoe fetish. The magic slippers are confiscated by the Queen.

When Cinderella demands the return of the shoes, she discovers that her husband, Prince Charming, is controlled by and in awe of his mother. (He’s no help.) So, until her husband learns to support her, stand up to his mother and get the magic shoes back, Cinderella elects to live in the servants quarters. (Looks like the marriage will remain unconsummated.)

The King is only interested in his bowling club and his vast collection of red wines. (He’s no help either.)

Some of the Queen’s expensive shoe collection goes missing and Cinderella is accused of stealing them. The two ugly step-sisters arrive unexpectedly, both of them have (Unwillingly it seems.) undergone personality transplants. They now to want to become Cinderella’s best friends, help her clear her name, remove the Queen’s hold over the Prince and save her marriage.

(Even they can’t understand why.)

The arrival of the Fairy GodMother and the Ghost of the Prince’s Grand-mama complicate matters further. Godmother puts a spell on the magic slippers and the Queen can-not remove them from her feet. Grand-mamma has reason to believe that the King will soon be joining her, on the other side.......

Hacienda del Toro

Think, three amigos, hot chilli, salsa, tequila, burritos, enchiladas. Hidden treasure, bad Spanish accents, culture clashes, misunderstandings and much mirth as everyone comes together to have a good time at the Fiesta del Toro.

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Synopsis:  “What’s new Pussycat?” 

   A Musical Comedy for Youth.     by Judith Prior.

A sparkling new comedic look at an old classic…. With great rock and pop songs added… The gutsy opening number, with chorus “Workin’ For the Man” introduces the oldest of three brothers, Tom Miller, newly in charge of the family Mill because of their father’s recent demise. The younger brothers Simon and Harry quickly learn that Tom’s selfish plans for the future do not include them. Tom begrudgingly gives his two brothers ten dollars each and tells them to fend for themselves. 

Youngest brother, Simon, who is not the sharpest tack in the pack, is delighted with his ten dollars and sets off to find his fortune. Harry, the middle brother, opts to take care of Puss, the Miller’s cat, because Tom is too mean to look after a cat. Harry loves animals and his father, the old Miller, always said that Puss was a very special cat. Just how special becomes apparent to Harry when Puss casually strikes up a conversation with him….   A talking cat? Why not?          

Puss makes a bargain with Harry promising to make him very rich, provided that Harry promises to do everything Puss tells him to do. “I Wanna Be a Billionaire” To achieve Puss’s ambitious plan, Harry will have to buy Puss some boots and a very grand hat, with a feather.  “Material Girl” 

Harry takes Puss to a thrift shop for her outfit. Here they meet three delightful old widows, Doris, Dora and Daphne. The three eccentric old girls assume that Harry and Puss are a couple. Puss confides that she is a very much a single lady and the scene becomes an hilarious musical number with the three old ladies, Puss and the chorus, all doing  the great energetic Beyoncé  choreography to. “Single Ladies”  (If you want it then you shouda put a ring on it.)

 Eventually Puss is suitably outfitted with boots and a hat, also a large purse which she purchases with their last fifty cents. Unfortunately the purse belongs to one of the old ladies, and was sold by mistake. After much confusion the old dears Dora, Doris and Daisy, set out after Puss and Harry to find them and reclaim the lost purse .

 Puss informs Harry that they must cross the Great Sandy Desert and meet the King, in order for his great riches to materialise. Unbeknown to Harry, Puss plans to outwit the wealthy old Witch Winifred and gain possession of her castle and fortune for Harry. Their hilarious, melodious, adventures while crossing the desert and outwitting the wicked witch, include  meetings with a dancing camel, a singing Troll, the Witch Winifred of course, and various other amazing characters, who eventually lead them to another kingdom, where Harry meets his Princess.  

   Puss manages to banish the witch and convince the King that Harry is indeed The Marquis of Carabas, owner of a fabulous fortune and amazing castle… How they manage to do this is as implausible as it is comical ……but isn’t that what fantasy is all about?

 Although inspired in part by the story of  “Puss in Boots” which was first recorded some time during the sixteenth century by French author, Charles Perrault.  “ What’s New Pussycat.”   holds no such hidden morals or messages. The piece is simply a light hearted, fun musical for a large mixed cast of young people.  The show embraces an eclectic collection of great pop and rock songs drawn from the rock era of the fifties and sixties through to today’s hit parade that the cast and audience will identify with and enjoy. Including evergreen pop favourites including…

“ Hey Baby,”   “Simple Simon Says”  “I Wanna Be a Billionaire,” “ What’s New Pussycat?”   “These Boots are made for Walking,”  “Single Ladies,” “Material Girl” “ “Walk Right In,”

 “You Better Shop Around,” “Ballin’ the Jack,”  “Congratulations,” and more.

Cast:- 12F 5M 10M/F Over twenty speaking parts, with some doubling possible. Simple sets and costumes make the piece ideally suitable for Primary or High School Production School or Youth Theatre. 


Song Titles    Workin’ For the Man, I Want to be a Billionaire, Material Girl, Single Ladies, Walk Right In, Hey Baby, One Way or Another, Can Can, These Boots were made for Walkin’, We’re Not Gonna Take It, Simple Simon Says, Shop Around, I Feel Good, Ballin’ the Jack, What’s New Pussycat? Congratulations. CD Backing Track Avalable.

Brisbane Arts Theatre.  "What's New Pussycat?"




At any given time there are around fifteen amateur companies, or schools, in Australia in rehearsal or performing these immensely popular comedy plays.

To date there have been over a thousand performances in Australia alone

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Rockin' Robin

 "Rockin "School Musical  by Judith Prior

Rockin Robin. Running time approx 120 minutes.

Full length youth musical. Suitable for schools and Youth Theatre.Rockin Robin

Music is well known Rock Classics. Includes Rock Around the Clock, Johnny B Goode, Rockin Robin and many others. (See full list of scenes and music bottom of page.) The set is uncomplicated, the cast flexible and suitable for doubling if needed, also allows for many cameo roles, lots of chorus work and is  suitable for High School or Youth Theatre production.

Rehearsal CD and High School Band Score available.

Rockin' Robin'

The drama group (or school) is rehearsing  for the Rock Eisteddfod; during the rehearsal an electrical fault in the special effects causes two of the cast, Maddie and William, to be accidentally transported backwards through time to medieval Sherwood Forest.

They are met in the forest by Robin Hood and Little John, who have been eagerly awaiting their arrival. They are all immediately swept up in a plot to thwart a Sorcerer who has cast a spell on the village of Locksley, because of a missing magic ring he mistakenly believes has been stolen by Robin Hood and his band.

This medieval mix-up includes the Sheriff of Nottingham, his over bearing mother Morag, and bumbling deputy Oswald, plus many minor roles such as the Sorcerer's precocious daughter Elvira, the quintessential Maid Marion, several zany maids in waiting, sorcerers lackeys, a host of villagers, members of Robin's band, peasants, and various other forest dwellers.   

The adventure carries them all to the Sherwood Forest Fair, where the Sheriff  planes to publicly humiliate Robin and capture him. Of course all does not go according to plan, and how our heroes manage to triumph, return the ring to it's rightful owner, release the spell on the village and get back home, is a rollicking rocking romp of energetic ingenuity from start to finish.     

Excerpt from a Review of the Bundaberg Production of Rockin Robin... by Graham V Rushton , for  Stage Whispers Performing Arts Magazine

Bundaberg/Burnett Region reviewer  

Rockin Robin is a sure-fire hit for family entertainment.

Judith Prior must be congratulated on writing a very fast moving, well, structured musical play which will be an asset for schools or theatre companies with youth theatres to perform. Even though this production had a large cast of around 50 the entire production could be staged with the Principals and a smaller chorus of around 10. It's amazing what can be achieved when a community joins forces to create a positive image and stage experience for their actors of the future.


The drama group (or school) is rehearsing  for the Rock Eisteddfod and during the rehearsal an electrical fault in the special effects causes two of the cast, Maddie and William, to be accidentally transported backwards through time to medieval Sherwood Forest. 

This medieval mix-up includes the Sheriff of Nottingham, his over bearing mother Morag, and bumbling deputy Oswald, plus many minor roles such as the Sorcerer’s precocious daughter Elvira, the quintessential Maid Marion, several zany maids in waiting, sorcerers lackeys, a host of villagers, members of Robin’s band, peasants, and various other forest dwellers.   

Suitable for Youth Theatre or High School  Production.


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That's Your Funeral

 Middle aged Harvey and Marj have been to see a fortune teller, and Harvey is mistakenly under the impression that he is likely to meet an early demise...

Once the situation has been resolved, and he realizes that he is in no immediate danger, Harvey becomes interested in the actual expenses involved in a real funeral.

Cast Required 4 male 4 female

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The Pirate Prince

  Hamish, the Scottish Pirate King, has returned to the Caribbean Island after twenty five years absence, to dig up his buried treasure and retire

Imagine his horror when he discovers a building has been erected on the exact spot where the treasure is buried. His plan is to either buy or swindle the owners out of the property, recover his treasure and retire in comfort. Of course nothing goes as planned.

Cast required. 4 Male 5 Female and optional chorus of villagers and pirates


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Last Resort


The play is set in the foyer of a retirement village complex. The residents are all active middle aged people who enjoy a busy social life. They are planning a concert to raise funds for a week away on a bus trip for some sightseeing and a little gambling at the Casino.... of course things never go according to plan...

Cast Required 3 Male 7 Female.

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Opportunity Knocks


The play, a comedy in two acts, is set in a charity run opportunity shop. The three lady volunteers who work in the shop should be middle aged or older.  The men may be of any age, although Wally would be of pension age, and Marty is younger than the other two.

Cast Required 5 Male 8 Female 3 M/F Doubling Possible.

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Jack and the Baked Bean Stalk


PANTOMIME Set in Australia, in a small country town. Jack and his widowed mother, Dame Sadie Dreadlocks, are very poor. The entire neighbourhood have been severely affected by the closing down of the local factory, where Dame Dreadlocks has lost her job as a cleaner...

Large mixed cast. Doubling Possible. Twelve principals and a pantomime cow.

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Uncle Jack


Classic Australian humour in this hilarious comedy about a dysfunctional family get-together. Ideal for a touring company, or for performance in clubs and halls, as the set is simple and minimum, with the script set in a community hall

Cast Required 4 male 4 female

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Wink at the Sphinx



A very funny riotous romp throughout the Old Bazaar in Cairo, as the beautiful Princess Charisma, aided by an alcoholic Genie, try to unravel some of the mysteries of the Arabian nights. An adult fairy tale with just a touch of spice.
Cast- Nine principals and chorus.

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Jest At The West



Comic cowpoke capers in the Silver Slipper Saloon as the saloon girls and towns folk try to save their town from destruction.
Cast- Thirteen, chorus of saloon girls optional.

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Jungle Juice



A send up of everything to do with the jungle. Includes a big game hunter, a witchdoctor, Tarzan and Jane, two rock stars and a gorilla. A tropical cocktail of melodrama and music, somewhere between Brigadoon and The Gods Must Be Crazy!
Cast- Twelve, plus chorus.

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Barney's Fair



Set in an Irish fairground, Barney and his family with the aid of the amazing Madame Valda, Nellie the Belly Dancer, and Wan Hung Lo Chinese herbalist, try everything to prevent the closure of the fairground. Melodrama, music and mayhem. Cast- Fourteen, chorus optional.

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Sailing South



A tall tale of a tall ship, somewhere between farce and pantomime. The female crew of the good ship Venus make life interesting for the captain and bosun on the way to settle in Australia. Cast- Eleven, chorus optional.

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Jest Call Me Cowboy


Cowboy comedy as the Silver Slipper becomes the set for a wild west movie. Everyone wants to get into the act, with some hilarious consequences. Cast- Thirteen, chorus optional.


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 Phantom Of The Music Hall



Traditional Music Hall, with a difference. New owner of the music hall is determined to stage the pantomime Cinderella. The resident phantom tries to thwart these plans with some help from Queen Victoria, and other unlikely sources.

Cast- Eleven, & Music Hall performers

***NEWS FLASH*** Yarrawonga's Allegro Theatre Company won two major awards for 1998 at The Zonta Gateway in Wangaratta, for their performance of "Phantom of the Music Hall". They received 'Best Musical Production' in North East Victoria and 'Best Support Actor' for John Duncan's performance as Arthur.

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Bikies invade a local summer festival, and the antics of the lederhosen clad local inhabitants trying to save their town create some great comic situations. Audience participation a must. Cast- Eleven, plus chorus.

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Set in the roaring twenties. Aladdin is abducted from his take-away shop by "The Mob". His mother and the ladies of the Twelfth Street Mission enlist the help of a genie and the pirate king to help rescue him. Cast- Fourteen, plus chorus of ladies.

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Lady Godiva



Medieval maids and men in tights. Godiva bares her  . . . soul to save the peasants. Serving wenches, audience participation, songs, new and old, something to please everyone here. Cast- Nine principals. No chorus.

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Puss in Thongs



An Australian take on the Charles Perrault classic. Puss, adorned in thongs from the local thrift shop, is accompanied by Harry Miller on a journey across the Great Sandy Desert, in their quest to make their fortune and marry the beautiful Princess. Zany characters and singalongs.

Cast- 13 principals (About 25 speaking roles). Chorus of villagers, dancers and singers

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Outback Debutante Ball

Judith's hilarious script in honour of the Year of the Outback 2002. The committee plan to impress a visiting member of parliament, by demonstrating that the local shire hall is mainly used for arts and cultural events, in order to apply for more arts funding, to help repair the old building.  Jackeroo's have to be convinced to partner the Debutantes. A director form the city arrives to teach the debutantes the minuet...

Of course, things never go as planned. Murphy’s Law of the Outback applies, and everything goes wrong.. with hilarious consequences.......

Cast Required.. Nine females, Three males, Three M/F

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Alice in Downunder Land


A unique Australian story combining the timeless tales of Alice in Wonderland, Mary Had A Little Lamb and Waltzing Matilda. Created for pre-school and primary school audiences Cast- Twelve, plus chorus.

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True Blue Aussie Review


A sparkling new comedy review, containing a medley of music, monologues, skits and short scenes, all finding their humour in the 'true-blue Aussie' spirit. Cast- 3 Male, 3 Female.

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Haunted Halloween Dinner Theatre..  a comedy, in two acts, with interpolated Halloween Music. Act One is set in a costume hire shop, at Halloween. Act Two is set in a Nightclub.

The action is continuous.

Synopsis:- Crystal, a young widow, owner of a small costume hire business, has asked her sister Abigail, who has some psychic powers, to try to contact her dear departed Alan, a gangster who was shot by the police in a bungled jewellery heist. Crystal wants to know that Alan is okay, and they also want to ask him where he hid the diamonds that were never recovered from the robbery. Marilyn, a gangster’s girlfriend, overhears the plan and alerts the gang boss, Fonso the Fence. Fonso of course doesn’t believe that it can be done, but just to make sure, he threatens the girls with strong arm tactics and advises them to abandon the idea. Stan, landlord of the costume shop doesn’t believe in ghosts, spooks or anything to do with Halloween. Lilly, mother of the two girls, tries to warn him that strange things are about to happen.

When the girls accidentally conjure up Al Capone and a real Witch, things get a little complicated. Mario, Alan’s accomplice and Alan arrive on the scene vowing revenge on Fonso for double crossing them. Surprising intervention from Al Capone and the Witch, helps the girls see that rough justice is done, Fonso and Marilyn get their just deserts and everyone has a great time at the night club. Guest appearance of Elvis and Chorus of Halloween Spirits.

Other guest artists may be added to the nightclub.

Haunted Halloween by Judith Prior

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