High School Musical by Judith Prior


Rockin' Robin'

The drama group (or school) is rehearsing  for the Rock Eisteddfod; during the rehearsal an electrical fault in the special effects causes two of the cast, Maddie and William, to be accidentally transported backwards through time to medieval Sherwood Forest. 

They are met in the forest by Robin Hood and Little John, who have been eagerly awaiting their arrival. They are all immediately swept up in a plot to thwart a Sorcerer who has cast a spell on the village of Locksley, because of a missing magic ring he mistakenly believes has been stolen by Robin Hood and his band.

This medieval mix-up includes the Sheriff of Nottingham, his over bearing mother Morag, and bumbling deputy Oswald, plus many minor roles such as the Sorcerer’s precocious daughter Elvira, the quintessential Maid Marion, several zany maids in waiting, sorcerers lackeys, a host of villagers, members of Robin’s band, peasants, and various other forest dwellers.   

The adventure carries them all to the Sherwood Forest Fair, where the Sheriff  planes to publicly humiliate Robin and capture him. Of course all does not go according to plan, and how our heroes manage to triumph, return the ring to it’s rightful owner, release the spell on the village and get back home, is a rollicking rocking romp of energetic ingenuity from start to finish.          

Music is all well known Rock Classics, including Horror Movie, Rockin' Robin, Rock around the Clock, Johnny B Goode, The Locomotion and many more....  The set is uncomplicated, the cast flexible and suitable for doubling if needed, also allows for many cameo roles, lots of chorus work, suitable for Youth Theatre or High School  Production.

Music score and rehearsal CD available for High School Rock Band. 

     1. Eb Alto Saxophone, 2. Bb Tenor Saxophone, 3. Bb Trumpet, 4. C Trombone, 5. Bb Lead, 6. Eb Lead , 7. Guitar, 8. Piano/Vocal (Rehearsal), 9. Keyboard, 10. Bass Guitar, 11. Drum Kit, 12. Percussion

Judith Prior with the Principals of "Rockin Robin" from the premiere performance in Bundaberg Australia March 2008.