By Judith Prior

The usually uneventful summer season at the Alpine Ski Lodge in the Blue Mountains is about to take on a new dimension. The local council have employed three lady judges to present awards for a summer festival. The staff are on their best behaviour to impress the judges, but Murphy's law prevails. The cook breaks a leg, the tour bus lands in the lake and two feral bikies arrive on the scene to further provoke the owner Baroness Von Clapp.

The lovable gardener Schultz tries to save the day by inviting hi.' sister Gretchin to help out with the cooking. He neglects to warn everyone that she doesn't speak English. The staff and judges all agree that Gretchin's Strudel is out of this world, which could have something to do with the fact that the bikies have misplaced some angel dust.

The tour bus driver Karl, Marlena Von Clapp and the milk maid Heidi enter into the sprit of the festival with some slap dancing. Complete with lederhosen and national dress. Also a chicken stuffing and a whip cracking competition , with the help of volunteers from the audience of course.

The hilarious conclusion to the play sees the bikies, the staff and the lady judges combine to effect a mutually satisfying solution the usually slow summer...... Strudelfest! Ideal for Theatre Restaurant or High School Productions.



Eight females, three males.

R U N N I N G  T I M E

Approx. 2 hours

$17.50 AUD Plus $2.00 Postage


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