Its Your Funeral
© Judith Prior 2007

Middle aged Harvey and Marj have been to see a fortune teller, and Harvey is mistakenly under the impression that he is likely to meet an early demise... Once the situation has been resolved, and he realizes that he is in no immediate danger, Harvey becomes interested in the actual expenses involved in a real funeral.

When he finds out how much a casket, flowers, a funeral and a cemetery plot actually can cost, he is outraged. He decides that he could do it a lot cheaper if he organized everything himself.
Harvey enlists his best mate Bazza, to help him build a coffin.

Bazza’s old dog has to be put down, and he asks Harvey to go with him to the vets to pick up the body of the dog, so he can bury the poor old thing. Harvey’s mother-in law overhears the burial plans, knows about the coffin in the shed, and jumps to the conclusion that her son-in law, Harvey, is about to murder her.

Marj is horrified at the coffin building and funeral plans, so she enlists the help of her sister June and her daughter Sharon, to organise something to take Harvey’s mind off the funeral plans.

The girls plan a wedding vow re commitment ceremony, for Harvey and Marj. Their son, Aaron, engages an Elvis impersonator to conduct the wedding.

During the “wedding” Harvey and  Marj find out just how selfish and dysfunctional their family really is.

Thats Your Funeral

For Script sales and performance rights contact
David Spicer Production
274 Military Road
Dover Heights
NSW 2030


12 principals and a pantomime cow

R U N N I N G  T I M E

Approx. 1 hour 30mins.

$17.50 AUD Plus $2.00 Postage

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